The real alternative to a residential care setting

Live-in Care with continuous caring delivered throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

We are proud of our reliability and standards because your own front door is priceless!

Stay at home with Live-in Care
Stay at home with Live-in Care

Live-In Care

Live-in Care services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, throughout the UK

Live-in care is an alternative to moving into a residential care setting.

*Our Carer services, spanning over 44 years assist people to remain in their home as long as they wish to.  Continuous home care provides our clients with high standards of care, kindness, understanding and for those family members peace of mind.

*Our clients enjoy living in their own homes, surrounded by their memories and are part of their local community.

*Our Carers provide domestic care, personal care and offer companionship.

Where we provide our  Care Services.

*Our carers are available from as far south as Jersey and the Channel Islands all the way North to Scotland, including The Shetlands. 

Able Community Care has been around for a while.

Providing care in the home since the early 1980s.

When you choose to have a Live-in carer with Able Community care, you can stay in your home, that familiar place you know so well. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or a short while, it is filled with your fond memories, photos and belongings collected over a lifetime. Should you become ill, you may need extra care, but that doesn’t mean you need to change that familiar routine.

Allowing carers into your home means that your daily routine and meals are the way you like them. Your friends and family can visit, trips out are easier and should you a pet it can stay at home with you. Signing up with a home care agency and having a 24-hour live-in carer means that your house is still Your home. Able Community Care is a home care agency that makes a difference.

Making sure you’re comfortable in your own home while you get the care you need is what we do. Live-in care centres around you or a loved one’s happiness, promoting safety and independence. Our live-in carers give you the freedom to make your choices.  Live-in care provides care, support and companionship with you as the priority.

Whether your loved one has complex care needs or simply requires a little looking after, we can provide a bespoke and cost-effective continuous Care service at home not in "A Home" that will suit individual needs.

Our Live-In Carers.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of recruitment. The care management team always interview in person, including all necessary checks with the relevant authorities and they always follow up on references.

We take data protection seriously and we only send out client details through the carer's own secure cloud based portal.

We take time to get to know our carers, so we can match them with clients of similar interests.

Live-in Care services in the United Kingdom
Live-in Care services in the United Kingdom

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Able Community Care head office for live in care services.

About Us

Angela Gifford started Able Community Care in 1980 and still heads up the business today. 

The objective of the company was to provide long term, live-in care services in a person’s home as a true alternative to moving into a residential care home. 

 Since then Able Community Care has continued to provide Live-in Carers throughout Great Britain and the Channel Islands. 


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