Holiday Care and Holiday Companion Service

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Our Holiday Care and Holiday Companion Service can help you see new horizons again.

Most of us have fond memories of our holidays. Holidays as children, teenagers, parents and grandparents, all of which will hold special memories. Planning, arranging and then going off enthusiastically for the one or two weeks ahead seemed so simple and exciting.

However, there may come a time in a person’s life when thinking about taking a holiday just seems too difficult. It may be through disability, the frailty of age or former holiday travelling companions no longer being there to enjoy time with, so holidays no longer seem possible.

Thanks to our Holiday Care and Companion service, this no longer has to be the case. Able Community Care can provide holiday carers or companions for older people or people with disabilities to enable them to take a holiday of their choice. A holiday carer or companion can accompany them, providing personal care and assistance, domestic care and holiday companionship.    

Holiday companion

In the UK it may be that a self-catering holiday home is preferred with suitable facilities and access or an old favourite hotel. It may be a return visit to a seaside town, a road trip or country setting that carries fond memories, the choice is yours.

The UK and further.

If the desire is to go further afield to Europe or any other continent like South Africa or South America, one of our holiday carers or companions can accompany you too. Taking a cruise holiday is such an easy and comfortable way to see the world plus you will have all the facilities you could wish for.

The cost of having a holiday carer or companion is dependent on where and when the holiday is taken, for how long and the level of care required. All related costs (e.g. accommodation, food, travel, excursions, etc.) for the holiday carer or companion are additional. We can cater for short breaks and extended holidays, and everything in between.

We'll do our best to find a travel companion to suit your preference and personality - e.g. male or female to share a room, a good sense of humour, love of good food, someone who loves to travel, can assist on day trips and is the perfect companion to share the adventure. 

If you're planning a trip, please get in touch. We'll make sure your travelling buddy is someone you want to spend time with.

Disabled man with holiday companion

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Available to all

Our Holiday Companion Care packages are available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands and where-ever you may wish to go.

All our live-in carers have at least one year’s professional care experience and have under gone enhanced police checks, which are updated every three years. Many of our carers have been with Able Community Care in excess of 10 years.

Our Holiday Companion Care service provides the same standards and quality of care as our Long-term Live-in Care service.

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