• My old care agency, sub-contracted the ‘out of hours service’ to another company, do you?

    No. Our own Care Managers undertake this.

  • Do you charge for visits?


  • Do you have a registration fee?


  • Does an outside agency recruit for you?

    No. We recruit ‘in house’ only.

  • My grandmother was told by her care agency if she has to ask for help in the night, she will be charged £5 each time she calls out. Do your carers charge for this?


  • If I don’t like a carer, will they have to come back?

    No. You choose whom you get on with and who you do not.

  • My elderly aunt uses cheques to pay accounts. Do you charge for this?


  • Every time I called my previous agency I spoke to someone new, do your office staff change a lot?

    No. You will have a designated Care Manager with who you will discuss most of your care plan with. As a small company, we strive to offer a personal service to you with high levels of customer care. Our office staff have been here an average of 8 years – our longest-serving member has just passed 42 years!

  • My aunt would be unable to pay her care workers directly and, as I live abroad, it is not practical for me to do so. Is there a way round this?

    Yes, we offer an Agent Service for clients who wish us to pay carers on their behalf.

  • Can you provide your live-in care service outside of the UK?

    Yes we can and have done so. There are however additional expenses with providing care  internationally which is mainly the cost associated with  travelling.

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