Short-term Live-in Care

live-in home care for the disabled

Short Term Live-In Care is becoming more common. 

Many elderly or people with disabilities requiring social care are being cared for in their homes by husbands, wives, sons, daughters or close relatives, who freely give up their time and often their jobs, to care for their loved ones.

Caring for a loved one in this way is a 100% full-time commitment and we can only applaud those people who devote their lives to caring for a loved one. However, all carers need break to re-charge, to regain their ability to continue caring . 

This could be because of a need to travel, a visit to a relative abroad may be necessary or the health or situation of the carer restricts or alters their availability. Perhaps the person being cared for has become too difficult to manage and a place in a care home is not yet available or care cover is required following hospital discharge. 

Short-term care can also be required when the carer themselves is unable to provide care for a short period of time, perhaps because of illness or other commitments, such as work or jury duty. When this occurs, short-term care from a live-in carer allows them the time off they need before returning to their caring role.

The benefits of our service

For carers providing short-term care for a person with high dependency care needs, a short-term care package must be appropriate and professional, enabling them to relax in the knowledge that while they are away or cannot provide the service, all will be properly taken care of. 

Able Community Care recognises that for whatever reason a short-term need has arisen, the family must be confident that their loved one is safe and properly looked after.

Short-term care can be difficult to arrange with a good care home, however our Short-term Live-in Care service guarantees the person in need of care can continue to stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. 

Live-in carers from Able Community Care will carry out the domestic work in the home, assist with personal care and provide companionship in the carer’s absence, all tailored to the needs of each individual and their home, a truly personal service.

Able Community Care has been providing short-term care to families and their loved ones since 1980 and we support many families on a regular basis throughout the year.

Our Short-term Live-in care packages are available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands.

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Live-in Care for the disabled in the U.K

A little bit more...

All our carers have at least one year’s professional care experience and have undergone enhanced police checks which are updated every three years. 

Many of our carers have been with us for in excess of 10 years.

We are able to offer our Short-term Live-in Care service for periods from 7 days to no more than three months.

Our Short-term  Care service provides the same standards and quality of care as our Long-term Live-in Care service.

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