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Individuals and families who contact Able Community Care about live-in caregiver information are looking for carers who not only offer appropriate care support but also support in other ways.

Someone who will combine caring with keeping a house clean, doing the laundry, shopping, preparing food and offering companionship within that professional relationship.

Every client that we care for is different in the way they want themselves and their home cared for. Each client has different expectations of the carers they will be sharing their homes with. Clients and their families want to know how we select and process our carers before we introduce them into our client’s homes. 

Every Able carer has been through a strict recruitment process managed and operated by our Recruitment Department.

It starts with every potential carer submitting an application form which gives details of their professional experience and organisations they have worked for.

Only applications that provide evidence of at least one year’s professional career in the care sector are processed.

We write for references to prove the care experience is correct.

Upon receipt of acceptable references, these are then telephone verified and if all is in order, an interview is arranged.

Couple talking about live-in care

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At interview, relevant documentation (including DBS) and training certificates are checked. If the interview is successful, then the carer is placed on our register and available to be introduced to our clients.

All our live-in carers are self-employed.

Once on our register our live-in carers need to submit, on a regular basis, evidence of on-going training, personal insurance, documentation relating to driving/owning a car, personal photographs and regularly updated DBS certification.

Many of our carers have been with Able Community Care for over fifteen years, working with us and our clients to provide much sought after high standards of care support.

If you would like to know more about our carers, please contact us on 01603 764567 or email us at info@ablecommunitycare.com