Live-In Care in Nottinghamshire

Able Community Care has been providing Live-In care in Northamptonshire for over 30 years.

Our Nottinghamshire clients are both older people and people with a disability who want to remain living in their own home rather than moving into a residential care setting.

Nottingham has its own claim to fame in the world of caring for individuals. In 2007, Dr Stewart Adams and his colleagues who were working in Nottingham discovered a cure for aches and pains, Ibuprofen. Dr Adams tried it out on himself for a hangover and millions of people have used the drug for this and other aches and pains since.

Live-in Care is a service which supports individuals by carrying out the domestic tasks within a home and supporting and assisting people who need help with their personal care. The service also enables people to have social contact both within their home and to facilitate outside activities if they so wish.

Live-in care takes away the risk of living alone at a time in life when for some people this may be problematical.

For every person we care for it is our objective to find Live-in Carers that you feel comfortable to live with, who provides the appropriate care and whom you would like to return to care for you.

Your personal rota of Live-in Carers is managed by a Care Manager whom you will get to know and who is responsible for sorting out any problems you may have.

Able Community Care can be contacted 24 hours a day including all Bank Holidays.

We care for David. David is a Nottinghamshire gentleman and in his early adult life he suffered a severe stroke. The stroke destroyed much of his physical ability and his powers of communication were reduced. In 2004 wanting to try to maintain his independence in his home we were approached to provide a Live-in Care Service. As a result, since 2004, we have provided David with continuous care carried out by a regular, rotational system of David’s chosen care workers.

In addition to providing our Live-in Care services around the County we are also able to provide Home from Hospital Care, Respite Care and accompany people in Nottinghamshire who need care on holidays of their choice via our Holiday Care Companion Service.

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