Live-In Care in Leicestershire

Able Community Care has offered Live-In Care in Leicestershire for over 40 years.

Leicestershire has a population of around one million people with over 50% living in the City of Leicester. 

Older and disabled people who need care, whether it is in a city, or a country environment, all need to have access to care services which can provide appropriate support and where possible maintain independence.

For some people the choice is to move into a residential care home, but many more people would prefer to remain living in their own home.

Able Community Care was established in 1980 and since then has provided over 70 million hours of home care, including providing services to people living in Leicestershire.

Able Community Care provides a Live-in Care Service for people who need to have support throughout the day and night. To have experienced carers take on the domestic work of their home, to assist with personal care requirements and to offer companionship. Our carers live in your home for weekly or fortnightly periods, they are on hand during the night to offer further support and remove the anxiety of being on your own.

Each of our clients has a Care Manager whom they get to know, can communicate directly with and who will endeavour to provide a rotational system of Live-in Carers chosen by the client or their family.

All our Carers have a minimum of one year’s professional care experience. We have personally interviewed each potential carer face to face, and we have written for references for each potential carer before the interview. We verify that each reference is genuine. All our carers have an up-to-date DBS and regularly update their care training certification.

Our carers live in your home for a period of time, so they are able to support your social activities. It may be going out for afternoon tea in a local café, going shopping and choosing some cheeses such as Stilton or Red Leicester and perhaps choosing a famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pie to have for lunch the next day.

One of our clients is Frederick. He is in his nineties and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His mobility is affected, and he needs support with his personal care and all his domestic requirements. He enjoys company. A Live-in Care package from Able Community Care began in 2015 and has been continuous. Frederick has a rotational system of Live-in Care Workers whom he has chosen to care for him.

In addition to providing our Live-in Care services around the County, we can also provide Home from Hospital Care, Respite Care, and holiday accompaniment.

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