Live-In Care in Lancashire

Able Community Care has been providing Live-In Care to Lancashire for over 30 years.

Lancashire has a population nearing one and a half million people and 80% of the County is classed as rural. Providing care support in rural areas can be a challenge, especially in poor weather conditions.

For older and disabled people who require care support there are two main choices: to move into a residential care home or to remain living in your own home with support.

Able Community Care has been providing support to people who wish to remain living in their own home since 1980. Since then our Live-in Carers have enabled thousands of older and disabled people to remain in their home of choice, their own home.

Norma is one of the people we provide a continuous, Live-in Care Service to.

In 2013 with two hip replacements, age-related arthritis and poor vision it was decided to try a Live-in Care Service from Able Community Care.

The first Live-in Carer was introduced to Norma and the fortnight of care support was happily agreed as successful. Her first carer is still supporting Norma, on a regular rotating basis.  Other Live-in Carers, chosen by Norma, make up her team.

Our care workers live in a person’s home and provide personal care support, companionship and cover all domestic tasks. The posts are usually a fortnight in length and once a care service is in place, the cover is continuous for as long as it is needed.

All our Live-in Carers are professionally trained, have an up to date DBS and regularly update their care training.

From Blackpool to Blackburn, from coastal towns to country villages we can provide our Live-in Care Service. To date Able Community Care has provided over 70 million hours of continuous care throughout the UK.

In addition to providing our Live-in Care services around the County we are also able to provide Home from Hospital Care, Respite Care and can accompany Lancashire people who need care on holidays of their choice.

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