Live-In Care in Derbyshire

It was in 1980 that Able Community Care first began to provide Live-in Care in Derbyshire. This is an ideal service to people of all ages who did not want to move into a residential care setting because they wanted to remain living in their own home, in their own community and amongst friends and neighbours whom they had known for many years.

Able Community Care’s Live-in Care Service provides experienced care workers, all of whom have had at least one year’s professional care experience. The interview process is direct with us Face to Face or via zoom. ALL REFERENCES ARE VERIFIED BY OUR RECRUITMENT MANAGER

Our objective has always been to provide care workers whom our clients feel happy and comfortable with and who they are happy to have in their home. Care workers who also provide the appropriate care and support requested.

It was in the early 1990’s when we first began to provide our care support in Derbyshire and an example of one client we are currently supporting is Thomas.

Early in 2005, Thomas had a stroke, and because of the paralysis caused and his loss of speech, Thomas and his family felt that to remain living in his own home, Thomas would need care 24/7.

We were chosen by Thomas and his family to provide Live-in Care, and since then, we have provided him with continuous care support provided by care workers we have introduced and whom Thomas has chosen to have in his home.

Thomas has friends, family, and hobbies and his carers facilitate these social and enjoyable elements of his lifestyle whilst offering domestic and personal care support.

Able Community Care is a family-owned business and Angela Gifford who began the company in 1980 and is still the Managing Director. Many of the care workers who work through Able Community Care have been with the company for many years. Our Care Managers and office support staff are knowledgeable and experienced in the provision of our specialist care service.

Able Community Care provides its Live-in Care Service throughout the UK and in The Channel Islands.

In addition to providing our Live-in Care services, we also provide Home from Hospital Care, Respite Care and can accompany Derbyshire residents who need care on holidays of their choice.

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