One Home Care Providers Journey Through Covid-19 Time.

15 June 2020

One Live-in Care Providers Journey Through Covid-19 Time. We are Open "as usual"

One Home Care Providers Journey Through Covid-19 Time.

In early March 2020 thoughts that the Coronavirus was going to be serious and out of our control began to take hold. The ‘what ifs’ covering a range of factors were discussed in the office of Able Community Care with concern and a certain amount of anxiety mounting daily.
One of the regular weekly events in the office is that of a meeting where every member of staff is present and contributes. It was here that the first practical steps of how we were going to proceed took place.
Our clients spread over England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands, all have a high dependency, care needs and cannot be left without care support.

Our Live-in Carers live throughout the UK and many are reliant on public transport.

The advice was to stay at home.

The Government was advising that where possible people should work from home.
Setting up the arrangements to work from home was the first stage in ensuring that the ‘office’ could continue to manage and facilitate continuous care support. It would also ensure that each person was available during normal office hours to speak, to any client, advocate, carer, or members of the public, who called. We also needed to continue to have in place our ‘on-call’ service between the hours of 4 pm and 9 am each weekday and over 24 hours each day at the weekend.
The phone system was set up in each person’s home to offer a seamless service just as though we were in the office.
New laptops were purchased and the practice of being able to log in remotely to the office also meant that the admin. work involved in providing our services could carry on as before.
As information came from the Government, Public Health, and the NHS, this was passed on to our clients and carers. Daily we are in touch with our clients and care workers.
The office was left, security system in place, sadly the cleaning company, the hygiene business, the spring water supplier, the afternoon postman collector of our mail and the lunch van that called each day were all cancelled. The gardening contractor could still look after the small gardens outside of the office premises.
Twice a week, our post has been collected from the office and the regular client and carer advice letters posted out as normal.

PPE Sourced

PPE was sourced from many suppliers by care workers and client’s families.

Care Managers called clients and care workers and conversations were had as to how in practical and acceptable ways, we would keep all our clients and carers supported. The attitude from all was a ‘we can’ approach.

Carers going to work in The Channel Islands have to self isolate in hotels before moving into their placement,

3 Months later.

Nearly three months on, our clients have all received continuous care support with many of our live-in carers going the extra mile to ensure this happens. The families of the office staff have seen a room or corner of a room in their home changed into office space from 9 am to 4 pm. Instead of wishing everyone ‘good morning’ as we used to do when we came through the office door, now everyone logs on and emails ‘good morning’.With the Government still asking those who can continue to work from home to do so, we expect to be home-based for a few more weeks. Although the challenge in the last three months have seen us working as normal, just in different locations.

We have and are open for business ‘as usual’.

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