With information you have the power to choose

18 June 2023

When someone you know needs care support, information is key.

When considering buying a car or a washing machine or seeking a tradesperson, you find as much information as possible before deciding on the purchase. You will likely want to know the cost, availability, reliability, and whether it will give you choices or solve your problem.

Purchasing a care service is the same. The more information you can have about the cost of the support you seek and the availability/reliability/quality of the services being offered, you have the power to make your personal choice when the time comes.
Often at a time of crisis, many care decisions are made which do not have a positive outcome.

Able Community Care is a nationwide Live-in Care Provider. Established in 1980, we have 43 years of experience supporting older people and people who have a disability.

Call us on 01603 764567 or email info@ablecommunitycare.com and ask us about our support, how much it costs, availability, our reliability, and our care workers.
 Use our information to contrast our services with other providers.
Quite simply, ‘with information you have the power to choose’.
Information Brochures & Information Postcards are available.
Call 01603 764567 or email info@ablecommunity.com
with your address, and we will post one to you.