When you need to find out about care services for yourself or someone you care for

25 October 2018

One day you may find that you could do with some support.

Life is not as easy as it used to be. Household chores are becoming difficult and you feel uncomfortable and anxious about taking a bath while you are on your own in the house. You have had a couple of falls, nothing broken but you have not mentioned it to anyone, and the falls they have worried you. Food shopping which used to be a pleasure now is a chore and you ask family and even neighbours to get you bits and pieces but really you don’t like asking.

The thought is there that you could do with a little help and support.

Where should you start looking for information?

Who can tell you about what support is available? How much do care services cost? Can you get any financial help? Do you need to ring social services, or should you ask at the surgery?

These are some of the questions that individuals and families ask when faced with the possibility of themselves or someone they love not being able to care for themselves as they used to be able to do. Domestic ability is declining, support with personal care would be welcome and a little bit of company is always welcome.

There are many charities and voluntary organisations that have a wealth of information that will give you the answers to questions you may have. One of these is the national organisation Age UK. They have hundreds of support branches and a website that has around 50 Fact Sheets giving comprehensive information that is relevant to older people and their families.

If you want information about local care homes

or local care agencies, ring them up, visit them to ask the questions you would like answers to and base any care decision you may make in the future on information you have accessed yourself.