The Status of Health and Social Care at the End of the Year

25 November 2018

In the last few days we have read about a care provider missing nearly one hundred home care visits, one of the largest providers pulling out of providing care to thousands of recipients and today we learnt of a high dependency care package where notice of withdrawal has been given on Christmas Eve.

Approved Lists from councils mean nothing when reliability is the issue. Care providers who have missed visits, have pulled out of contracts are likely, if they continue to operate, to still remain on Approved Lists. It is our experience, that Councils do not continually research the base of care providers in their area, thereby excluding possible appropriate and available care provision.

Bed blocking, it is not our experience that hospital discharge teams ring round to help their patients complete discharge. Despite us having many conversations with local hospitals and sending information out to other hospitals throughout the UK, we are rarely contacted.

Health and Social Care is in crisis not only through a lack of cash but because it is badly organised, complacent and inflexible.