The Cost of Live-In Care

09 August 2022

The Cost of Care for People with High Dependency Care Needs.

The Cost of Care for People with High Dependency Care Needs.

People who have high dependency care needs usually want someone to be in close contact

and to offer support throughout a 24-hour period.

For a person needing this type of care support, there are two choices. First, a move into a
residential care setting or, secondly, providing care in the home 24/7.
The majority of people, many surveys tell us, that if given a choice, the option to stay in their

own home, is the favourite.

24/7 care in a person’s home can be provided in two ways:

By care workers on a shift system. Shift systems can vary for example, a 12-hour or
three-day shift. Usually, the cost of having care on a shift system is based on an hourly rate.
Hourly rates can vary but from April 2022, the UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care
Association) suggests that an hourly rate of £23.20 is appropriate.
The second option is to have a Live-In Care Support Package. This will involve a carer
moving into a person’s home from one week upwards, offering domestic, personal and
social care support with the cost usually based on a weekly, commercial rate rather than an
hourly rate. The objective for most care providers of Live-in Care Packages is to find two or
three carers whom the individual is happy to have in their home, finds their support
appropriate, and a rotational system is then established
The cost difference between having care support 24/7 based on an hourly rate and a

weekly rate can be in excess of £2000.00 per week.

Able Community Care has been providing Live-in Care Packages since 1980 and has enabled thousands of older and disabled people to remain living in their own homes using a weekly

care rate.

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