Taking Care: A Charter for Home Care Work

06 October 2020

Taking Care: A Charter for Home Care Work

The GMB Trade Union has published the above to tackle the lack of funding, poor wages and 47% staff turnover in the domiciliary care sector. The Charter has six action points:
*Make time for people
*Commission personal support
*Guarantee fair pay
*Invest in people
*Recognise social value

*Improve Service delivery

Full details of The Charter can be read at www.gmb.org.uk

One sentence which caught my eye.

Domiciliary Care is the only public service commissioned by the stopwatch.

Since 1980 Able Community Care has been providing live-in, home care which has no stopwatch connections. The watch or time does however come into the services we provide in many, various ways, for example:
  *Our clients get up at a time when they wish to.
  *Our clients have their breakfast, lunch and supper at a time when they wish to eat.
  *Our clients go to bed at a time of their choosing.
  *Our clients have their personal care support and domestic support all at times they prefer.
  *Our clients are free to make appointments with their medical professionals, opticians, etc, at any time knowing they can be accompanied.

Able Community Care has been providing, nationwide, individual centred, personal, care support for forty years, simply put, we provide the service our clients are seeking.

Able Community Care  https://www.ablecommunitycare.com/contact-us