Running a care company in 2020

26 March 2020

Running a care company in 2020 is now the same as running a care company in 1980.

Running a care company in 2020 is now the same as running a care company in 1980

In 1980 I, with a friend started a domiciliary care company from my home, the care agency was called Able.  My ‘office; was a cardboard box on my kitchen table. Forty years later, due to the Coronavirus, I am again working from my home with cardboard boxes resting on my kitchen table.

Working From Home.

The Coronavirus means that the staff of Able Community Care also are working from their homes. Company telephones have been installed and data protected files have been transferred to new company laptops. The ‘On Call system overnight also run from their homes. Their office may be on a kitchen worktop, their dining room table or even on a dressing table away from the noise and activity in the rest of their home. As a result of home working, the Live-in Carers of Able Community Care are being contacted daily and the same applies to our clients or their advocates. It is our belief as an Able ‘Team’ operating throughout the UK and The Channel Islands communication, in these difficult times is paramount. Leaving our office to work from home has meant sadness. The positive side of being able to support our clients and carers from home has meant a negative effect for others. We no longer need the office cleaners, the water delivery, the clean towels service or the lunch van which comes around each day. 

Contact Us.

Meanwhile, we are still open for enquiries, to offer guidance and advice where we can so if you need support please email in the first instance to or phone 01603 764567.

Angela Gifford Able Community Care
Able Community Care provides Live-in care Services in England, Scotland, Wales and The Channel Islands.