Relaxing Care

07 January 2019

When you see those words, holidays, reading a good book, sitting in the garden on a sunny day, a spa day at a local centre, etc. may come to mind.

However, relaxing care can be viewed in a different, not often used mindset, but one that has special significance in the care sector.

Care provision for people who must rely on a care support service to enable them to get through each day of their lives, need relaxing care.

Individuals and families are seeking a care service that will be a comfort, delivered in a stress free and soothing manner, delivered by appropriate carers who by the way they offer their support will reduce any anxiety, loss of dignity and worries that the recipient and their families have.

In this world of ‘training’ understanding and compassion of the position of a person who needs care is relegated to a few words at the end of a training course or possibly not mentioned at all.

Everyone responds to kindness, to someone who empathizes with the situation someone else other than themselves is in.

Having been providing care services for nearly four decades, the compliments we receive about care workers are almost always based not on the ability that they have with reference to practical tasks, but as to how kind, lovely, cheerful, respectful, calm and reliable they are.

In 2019, we should all make sure, that the thought of ‘relaxing’ care gains significance.