Live-in Care support can help alleviate loneliness.

25 July 2019

Social Care and Loneliness.

Live-in Care support can help alleviate loneliness. Apart from having a supportive, professional carer living with you, part of their role is to enable social contact.

One contributing aspect is that older relatives often lose touch with each other.

Visiting relatives who live away can be made easy with their support. For example, a Grandmother attended her Grandson’s wedding in France, a young man visited his relations in New Zealand, and a Mum went to visit and stay with her son hundreds of miles away from her home. Brothers and sister, nieces and nephews do not always live close to each other. When young, keeping up contact by visiting, celebrating family days, is easy, but as time moves on, as age increases, it becomes more difficult.
Thousands of older people no longer drive, feel unsafe on public transport and often find they make excuses not to visit, accept a wedding invitation, attend a special birthday celebration or attend a funeral because to arrange the trip is seen as too much for them to take part in.
Loneliness is at epidemic proportions, (1.36 million people are lonely as advised by Age UK for the period 2016/2017) and losing face to face contact with relatives can be part of an individual’s problem, whether they live in cities, towns or rural and remote country areas.

Able Community Care provides Live-in Care Workers throughout the UK

‘We can help to prevent loneliness and have been doing so since 1980.

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