Live-in Care in Pembrokeshire

16 February 2021

Caring in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire is a County in Wales with many rural and remote towns and villages, which often makes it difficult for home care providers to operate successfully.
The population of Pembrokeshire is approximately 125,000, 25% over 65 years old, and the number is predicted to increase in the next decade.
Home care providers and voluntary organisations set up to provide support to older and disabled people face several barriers in the County.

Trying to provide care in rural and remote locations is often not a viable business proposition due to travel costs and the lack of local labour.
Voluntary and charity organisations also may find it difficult to attract volunteers for the same reasons, the cost of travel and not enough people coming forward to meet the need.
Public transport in rural areas does not necessarily run a timetable than enables non-driving care workers or volunteers to match up with any required help in a small village or hamlet.

The largest towns in Pembrokeshire are Haverford West and Milford Haven with populations of 14,000 and 13,000, respectively, neither of which is large enough to attract a large range of care providers.
Pembrokeshire, therefore, is a problematic County to access care support. For older people needing help to remain independent in their home, for younger disabled needing assistance, they are likely to find they have a problem locating a care package. For people of all ages who need a little help after leaving hospital or families needing a break because they are the family care support, they also are likely to find they have a problem locating a care package.

For people of any age who have high dependency care needs, the ability to have someone to provide a social element in their lives or the help to go out and embrace life outside of their home, the answer can often be to have a Live-in Care Support Package.

Able Community Care has been providing Live-in Care Support Packages for over 40 years. In urban, rural and remote areas we have enabled older and disabled people to remain living independently in their home of choice, their own.

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