Live-in Care for Rural and Remote Wales

06 February 2021

Providing Home Care in Rural and Remote Wales.

Home care services can enable older and disabled people to remain living a safe, independent lifestyle in their own home. For the majority of older and disabled Welsh people, to remain living in their own home is their first choice, moving to a residential care setting is the second choice. Having a home care service can mean support for a person with domestic needs, for example, laundry, bed changing, shopping, meal preparation, general housework. Personal care requirements would include where required helping a person to get up and get into bed. Also, to support with washing and dressing, helping with personal hygiene, overseeing medication prescriptions. Need for a chat and conversation from a friendly, professional carer coming through the front door. Older people and their families living in larger, Welsh locations, in cities such as Newport, Cardiff and Swansea will have a range of home care providers to choose. Older and disabled people living in rural towns such as Conwy, Tenby and Cardigan will have care providers to purchase services from, but with a lesser number.

In rural areas.

Living further inland or in small coastal villages and hamlets, increases the likelihood there will be no local provider of home care services. In rural and remote Wales, the problem is more significant for older and disabled people who have high dependency care needs looking for a home care service to support them. The main restriction is that service provision in the countryside and especially in very rural areas is limited because it is not always viable for home care businesses to offer services due to high travel costs and a lack of qualified, local staff. The hourly care rate recommended by the UKHCA (the United Kingdom Home Care Association) from April 2021 is £21.43 per hour.

People receiving the higher rate of Attendance Allowance will find that this State Benefit will only purchase just over 4 hours of care support. For an older person or their family wishing to purchase a higher number of hours, for example, 24/7 care support, the cost can be over £3000.00 per week. There is an alternative to purchasing care by the hour, and that is to have a Live-in Care package. Live-in Care packages are a financially viable alternative for purchasing care support. They are especially suited to people who need many hours of support, both day and night, to fulfil their objective to remain living in their own home. Live-in Care support has several other advantages in that a care worker is in residence for an agreed period, usually two weeks. In contrast with 24/7 hourly care support, the vast majority of the time works on a shift system and many new faces can be part of a continuing rota system and there can be gaps in the service in bad weather, holiday periods etc. Live-in Care support gives a less anxious time for relatives and friends of the person being cared for as the knowledge that someone is in the house, especially throughout the night, gives reassurance that a loved one is not alone and therefore safer.

Live-in Care the perfect solution.

Live-in Care can be a perfect solution for rural and remote locations. Able Community Care has been offering Live-in Care packages in rural and remote areas for 41 years. Caring and supporting older people in Wales, Scotland, England, and the Channel Islands. Currently, we have clients who have received our Live-in Care service for more than ten years. Our clients have their care packages facilitated by a Care Manager whom they know and who is in regular contact with them and their families or advocates. Our clients choose their Live-in Care workers, and a rota established and supported.

Our clients and carers can contact a Care Manager 24 hours a day, throughout the year, including Bank Holidays. Daily, every Live-in Carer, our clients and their advocates will be advised of who is ‘On Call’ that evening, weekends and throughout holiday periods. If there is a problem, they know who they will be talking to and who offers full support. The Live-in Carers who work with our clients all come from a professional background. We do not accept applications from any prospective carer who does not have a one-year, minimum, professional record of working in the care sector. All cares have an in-date DBS, update their training regularly and are fully insured. Like clients, many of our Carers have been with us for more than ten years and many over 15 years. The Care Managers know each one and are in regular contact with each one.

Able Community Care is a family firm and has been since 1980. Angela Gifford is the CEO and was a Founder of the Company.

Our Care Managers for Wales.

Our Care Manager for South Wales is Colin and our Care Manager for North Wales is Emma. Both can be reached by the above Email and telephone.

Able Community Care is a trusted care provider since 1980,  we have enabled thousands of older and disabled people to enjoy living in their own home, can we help someone you know?       

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