Ideas for older people and people with a disability staying indoors with their Carers.

07 April 2020

Ideas for older people and people with a disability staying indoors with their Carers.

Surprisingly many online shops selling products for older people and people with a disability have suspended trading, but below are a few ideas and details from those who are still operating.

1- Buying presents for or having ideas about how to spend a few hours with a person who has dementia can be difficult. It is an idea therefore to look at The Alzheimer’s Society online shop where you can find three pages of activities designed to engage a person with dementia and yet are fun for carers to join in with. www.Alzheimer’
2- The RNIB has an online shop with many products which can be purchased enabling a person to spend a few pleasant hours with someone who has a sight impairment. As with the Alzheimer’s Society, products purchased all help to fund the charity.

3-  UKS Mobility has many ideas of how to while away the hours with advice and suggestions for people suffering with arthritis. Ideas range from suggestions and advice for appropriate new hobbies to offering advice on best positions to engage in bird watching from your home.   Visit › blog › 2017/11
4- To lose yourself in a book is an easy and enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Amazon Books have a huge choice of large print books for people with reduced sight. The books range from novels, non-fiction books, quiz books, words games to colouring books.
5- Jigsaws are an indoor activity which can be started, left and picked up again at will.  Active Minds has a range of reminiscence jigsaws for people who have dementia.,
6- Gardening on a warm windowsill can be satisfying but many seed companies in the present Coronavirus arena have ceased trading with their online shops. However, many eBay shops still have both vegetable and flower seeds which can be ordered, many with free postage.
7- Listening to a play or someone telling a story is an enjoyable way to pass the time. BBC Radio 4, many Audio/Listening websites and on an Alexa, offer a large range of hearing choices both fiction and non-fiction. Explore the airways!

These are a few suggestions from Able Community Care, a nationwide Live-in Care Provider.
We would welcome any suggestions from readers and will be happy to pass them on. Email your suggestions to