A Reason For Bed Blocking

27 February 2020

A Reason For Bed Blocking, the Lack of Information. An article in this week’s Daily Express flags up the problems.

A Reason for Bed Blocking.

The Lack of Information is a reason for bed blocking.

An article recently in the Daily Express flags up the problems people are experiencing when seeking either a care home place or agencies that can provide home care.

Figures given show that for people to look for up to a month was common, that one in five people searched for longer than two months, one in ten had to wait longer or could not find a provider at all. Looking at these figures, we can understand easily why bed-blocking occurs. Able Community Care has been providing 24/7 home care (a genuine alternative to residential care) for almost 40 years and regularly gives presentations to older people’s clubs, associations, support groups, etc. We can confirm that most people we meet do not have an understanding of how the care sector works. They have little idea of the cost of care services, how to access care, any State benefits that they may be eligible for, the difference between the care services offered.

Who Gives the information?

Many assume a doctor or social worker will give them all the information they need to know if a time comes when care is required, what is available in their area, etc. There are voluntary organisations who can help, but many are small charities whose volunteers have limited information themselves. If social care is to be fit for the next decade and funding is made available, information is essential and should be easily accessible. When, for example, did you last see an advertisement for The Attendance Allowance?

Many Councils used to have ‘One-Stop Shops’ or ‘Gateway’ information points, and these have almost disappeared. They need to be re-instated, publicised in local magazines, libraries, door drops, etc. People with information have the power to make choices, to empty hospital beds and to have happier solutions.

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Angela Gifford CEO Able Community Care. Established 1980 www.ablecommunitycare.com