March 02, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.5

Care News

Carer News - The cost to register for the Social Care Register which all residential and home care workers will be required to do could cost between �20 + �30 per person. This news was given in proposals out for consultation from last week.

The consultation document is titled, "A consultation on the registration of domiciliary and residential social care workers in England on the General Social Care Council�s social care register". The closing date for comments is 12th May 2006 and you can download a response form from

CRB News - The CRB has decided to withdraw, with effect from 1st April 2006, processing portability requests from customers.

Organisations can continue with the practice of accepting a previously issued Disclosure but with reference to the New Portability Framework.

(Able Community Care accepts previous Disclosures only if they are under 12 months old and, at the same time, we submit an application form for a further Disclosure. Only if both of these criteria apply do we allow a carer to work. We will now look at the New Portability Framework and re-consider.)

Increased Care Fees - From April 2006 fees for care home registration and inspection will increase by 15 percent. Martin Green, Chief Executive of the English Community Care Association, says that local authorities must expect to cover the new regulation costs when funding care home proprietors. Government policy is to recover full costs of regulation from service providers. (source

Carers Weekly Wage - According to the CSCI the average gross weekly pay for care assistants and domiciliary care workers was �183.00 per week in 2003. For workers in the private sector, residential home and domiciliary care workers, the amount was �171.00 per week. This applies to hourly care workers. It is estimated that there are 1.6 million care workers.

In House News

Two staff members attended the Celebration Seminar to celebrate 20 years experience of the Brain Injury Service. The seminar was held in Northampton and Moira Amos, Executive. Director of Grafton Manor BIS chaired the day.

Currently seeking a mature, live-in carer for elderly, frail lady in Lincolnshire: Salary �482.00 per week. Call Sam on 01603 281913 ref RH

This April we are seeking live-in carers for two adults with learning difficulties: Home is Yorkshire. Salary �676.00 per week inclusive.

Enquiries for Able Community Care brochures this week came from: Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Ayrshire, Devon, Cornwall and London.

Visits to clients and potential clients taking place this week are in the following areas: Yorkshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Manchester.

Interesting Statistics

Number of residential care homes in England as at 31st March 2005 was 19033 and the number of beds within these homes was 440,886. (source CSCI)

There are about 1.6 million work injuries each year and 2.2 million cases of ill health caused or made worse by work. Over 30 million working days are lost annually through workplace accidents, injuries and ill health. Health and safety failures are said to cost Britain�s employers up to �6.5 billion every year. (Source RAC)

The North East has the highest percentage of household with one or more disabled adults, 27%. The area with the lowest percentage is the South East at 17%. (Dept. of Works and Pensions 2003/2004)

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.