January 11, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.49

Care News

Devon PCT is trying to claw back into its budget �15m and has revealed that it has offered all 5000 staff redundancy. (source DevonLife 4th Jan. 07 www.devon24.co.uk/exmouthjournal)

Carers UK reports that carers have been telling them that local authorities are making cuts to respite care services and tightening up the eligibility criteria. As a result many carers are left struggling to cope alone. In a House of Lords debate on 7th December 2006 Baroness Pitkeathly explained to the House that "local authorities are telling carers that they are short of funds and many are not reassessing carers - in direct breach of the law".

It is now possible for customers to track the progress of their CRB application form. Time taken for a CRB application can take several weeks and if you wanted to find out at what stage your application was at, it required a telephone call to the Bureau. The service is free of charge and the website to use is; www.crb.gov.uk/tracking

The recognised shortage of carers has led the DOH to run a new, national, social care recruitment campaign. From early March advertising through television, radio and press will try to raise the profile of social care and encourage more people to come into the industry.

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Wiltshire, Norfolk, Cornwall and Suffolk.

A risk assessment was carried out in Hampshire.

A new post has begun in Suffolk. Elderly male requiring stroke aftercare. Sal. �568 inc. Care Manager Jackie Maaz.

In December 2006 we sent out Customer Survey Forms to ask our clients how they are finding the service we supply to them. (This is in edition to other monitoring procedures we carry out). To date we have received over 100 forms back and you can see a summary of the results at the end of this Newsflash.

Interesting Information

A publication "Out and About" is a DOH report into better wheelchair services. Information in the booklet covers a review of local wheelchair provision, promotion of voucher schemes so wheelchair users can have more choice and recommendations for the future. If you would like a copy contact the DOH online.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results
December/January 2007

101 surveys returned as at 8th January 2007.

Question 1
"What do you like about the service you are receiving?"

Examples of the answers given:

Question 2
"Do you feel safer because of the help you receive?"

97 people said Yes.
1 person said "I am sure they do"
and 2 people did not answer.

Question 3
"Would you consider your care service to be reliable?"

98 people said Yes.
1 person said "mainly"
and 2 people did not answer the question.

Question 4
"Does the help you receive enable you to remain as independent as you can?"

100 people said Yes.
1 person said "not really applicable"

Question 5
"Are you getting help as agreed on your Care Plan?"

99 people said Yes.
1 person enclosed a letter with an enquiry.
1 person did not answer the question.

Question 6
"Are you happy to contact your Care Manager or other Senior Management if you wish to make changes to your care plan or if you have problems?"

98 people said Yes.
1 person did not know who their Care Manager was.
1 person wrote NA. (care had been completed)

Question 7
"Would you like your Advice Note sent by a) post or b) Email"

16 people said by Email.
One person requested Advice Details by telephone.
One person requested both by email and Advice Note.
All other people wished to continue to receive their Advice Note by post.
(Advice Note gives details and a photograph of the Carer who is coming next).

Question 8
"Would you like another copy of our Policies and Procedures book?"

25 people advised us that they would like a further copy.

Question 9
"Is there anything else you would like to tell us or ask us?"

This is a selection of the answers received:

Question 10 a
"What did you have for your main meal yesterday?"

This is a selection of the answers received:

Question 10 b
"Are you happy with the standards of the meals that are prepared for you?"

6 people replied mostly, generally, on the whole or sometimes.
1 person said not always.
4 people did not answer or put N/A.
3 people put individual comments relating to specific carers
88 people said Yes.

Any enquiries re the above please contact Angela Gifford on 01603 281921

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.