January 04, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.48

Care News

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Claimar Care Group has acquired three further homecare businesses. These are:

BR Care Group Ltd is based in the North of England and provides 3500 hours per week and has 150 care workers. The company has four branches and the price paid by Claimar was �1m in cash plus �400,000 payable on performance.

The second care company is Surecare Community Services Ltd, a franchise operation with 27 homecare businesses located throughout England. The third company is First Call Community Systems which delivers approx. 2,000 hours per week. Total maximum sum of �1.64 million.

Carewatch, a Scarborough based care company has merged with care company Simply the Best which has approximately 30 clients in the town of Malton.

Insurance for self employed carers � historically this has been very difficult for self employed carers to obtain, especially if they were working on their own account.

The self employed carers of Able Community Care have been able to obtain Public Liability/Personal Accident insurance because of the fact that this company is a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. The arrangements were through Castlebank Insurance Brokers Ltd and the Royal and Sun Alliance plc. Now this has changed and it will be possible for any self employed carer to obtain insurance cover for an annual premium of �85.00 inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax.

For further details contact Castlebank Insurance Brokers Ltd on 01372 363030 for further details.

In-House News

New post begins this week in Wiltshire. Elderly female, physically frail. Salary �547.00inc. Care Manager Ruth Divey. ( Care Assessment was carried out on New Years day to assist visiting family)

Visits to potential clients have taken place in Suffolk and Cornwall.

A review has taken place in Hampshire.

Interesting Information

In East Sussex 31 care homes closed in 2005 with a loss of 295 beds and the number expected to have closed in 2006 is currently 25 homes.

Community Care assessments for frail elderly or physically disabled people usually require the services of an Occupational Therapist. One of our current clients, where there is a requirement for an assessment by an OT, was told that she would have to wait for approx. 6 months before this could be carried out.

Further research has shown that in some cases there is a waiting list of up to 18 months.

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.