November 30, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.44

Care News

Another care home may close this week. West Sussex County Council is makingthe decision to either close or keep running a nursing home in Shoreham. Thehome has currently been used to take elderly patients from hospital so theirbeds can be released for other patients. The average rehabilitation period inthe home being about six weeks. Councillors said that although the care homeprovided an invaluable service because of EU regulations and tighteningfinances the home may well have to close. This would be the 12th care home inand around the Brighton and Hove area to close since January 2006.

The Care Council for Wales has conducted its first hearing. A communityplacement officer was found guilty of misconduct and a three year warning wasplaced on her record in the Social Care Register. The committee found that shehad failed in her duty of care towards children she was responsible for, hadfailed to disclose relevant information for the investigation and because shehad provided personal details to a carer had compromised her duty to thechildren and the investigation. The officer has the right to appeal to the CareStandards Tribunal. A second social care worker appeared before the CareCouncil and was suspended for twelve months.

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Hertfordshire, Kent, Manchester andOldham.

A client review took place in Cheltenham.

Sam Clarke, Care Manager attended a course on Mental Health and Ageing.

A respite care post in South Wales has changed to a long term care package.Care for an elderly couple with poor health. Salary �644.00pw inc. CareManager Sue Lamb.

Interesting Information

Live-in carer posts are currently being advertised on the internet by careagencies other than Able Community Care. The live-in carers are wanted to carefor elderly people, people with MS, CP and with spinal injuries. The salaryrange is from �250.00pw to �435.00pw.

It is estimated that there are approx 12,700 single Eastern European peopleworking as carers in the UK. (Guardian)

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.