November 02, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.40

Care News

In 2005 family carers were included in the group of people who were entitled to a flu jab.

In the Government�s guidance to GP�s for 2006/2007, a shortage of vaccine means that family carers are being given a lower priority. The choice as to whether to offer a family carer the flu vaccine will be down to the GP�s discretion.

If a Social Care Worker is suspected of, for example, abusing an older person in any way, then they are suspended from work and can be placed on the POVA provisional list, banned from further work until a hearing takes place. This can take many weeks and according to the Royal College of Nursing, up to nine months. At nine months, if the hearing has not taken place, the carer can appeal to the Care Standards Tribunal.

Meanwhile, the person, who may be innocent, has to pay their mortgage, rent, etc. but cannot follow their main occupation of being a carer.

When a hearing takes place, the carer is either then removed from the provisional list or place on the POVA list.

The Royal College of Nurses is seeking a judicial review of the procedure.

Able Community Care has had two carers who have been suspended from caring because of an allegation of abuse. One, after several weeks, had to take a job in a factory to pay the bills and then was not placed on the POVA list. The other case is currently pending, and again, the carer is unable to pursue their occupation.

In-House News

Hourly care jobs being offered by companies other than Able Community Care:
  1. Surrey/London/South East �7.50 per hour weekdays, �9.00 per hour weekends - transport essential.

  2. Private Live-in care job being offered by a family in Cambridge for a relative with challenging behaviour. Pay is �395.00 per week.
An Able Assessor has visited a potential client in Somerset and Risk Assessments/Reviews have taken place in London, Coventry, Manchester and Stockport.

A respite post has been taken on in South Wales. Male, age 62. Sal �632.00 inc.

Office Manager, Judith Tye has attended an Employment Law Meeting re recent developments in employment legislation.

Interesting Information

Last winter between eight and nine older people in Britain died every hour. More than 150,000 over 65�s have died during the winters of the past six years. (Source Age Concern)

Press Release from Counsel and Care 31st October 2006 - The whole text can be read by going to...

The theme of the press release is that urgent action is needed to deliver older people�s care and that the growing discontent amongst older people, their families and carers about 'patchy, inequitable' and costly care cannot be ignored.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.