September 28, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.35

Care News

It is estimated that approx. 70,000 people have to sell their homes each year to pay for care home fees. The average cost of a care home's fees are �21,000 per annum for a residential home and �25,000+ for a nursing home per year. Fees are currently rising by 7/8% per year. The average cost of a house in England has risen to �215,000.

CRB News
This month sees the incorporation of data from the British Transport Police into the Enhanced Disclosure service. So any details that have been part of the BTP organisation records re an individual may now appear on Enhanced Disclosures that are applied for. This is in addition to the compilation of relevant data from the 43 police forces in England and Wales, as well as forces in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

In-House News

A potential client has been visited in Scotland and reviews have taken place in Hertfordshire, South Wales and in Wiltshire.

Care Manager Ruth Divey has attended an Epilepsy Training day.

A new post has been started in Lancashire. An elderly female suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Care Manager Alan Wilson. inc. salary �630.00 per week.

Questionnaires have been sent out to all our clients seeking information re the cover they require over Christmas and New Year. Although this may seem early, a return of our clients requirements by the end of October enables us to organise continuous cover for those who need it over these two, busy periods.

Interesting Information

In the past year, up to 31st March 2006, the NHS is treating more patients using fewer beds. The average daily number of open and staffed general and acute beds was 133,033. This was a decrease of 3090 from the previous year. (DOH).

Elderly people in Orkney are being sent to care homes on mainland Scotland because of a lack of local accommodation. This is likely to get worse, as the age of the local population increases.

For interest - posts and current wages being offered and advertised by private individuals in a national publication this week:

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.