August 17, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.29

Care News

Healthcare at Home specialises in administering procedures such as chemotherapy, intravenous antibiotics, blood transfusions, etc. The home-based treatments give people choice to be given the care at home and enables people to live as normal a life as possible with minimum disruption.

Healthcare at Home, employs teams of nurses which are based in 15 regional centres around the country.

The company is now up for sale from Apax Partners.

The Axis Partnership is a company which sells healthcare businesses, including domiciliary care agencies. Currently they have the following companies up for sale:

Further details can be found on their website at

In-House News

Potential client assessment visits have been made in Lancashire and Suffolk

Potential client enquiries have come from Surrey, Bucks, Staffs, Cambs, Lincs and Somerset.

Our Risk Assessor has carried out a risk assessment on a client�s holiday caravan.

Three posts have recently commenced in South Wales. Elderly female, salary �581.00 plus expenses. Young male adult CP. and young female adult CP. both at a salary level of �619.00 inc.

Able Community Care has a new business card. A "Pass it On" suggesting that the card is passed on to anyone who may require details about our live-in care services.

If you would like some of these cards to "Pass On" then please give us a call on 01603 764567

Interesting Information

Approx. 480,000 people live in residential care homes. Less than 20% of these placements are paid for by local authority funding.

By the year 2013, 70% of people aged over 80, will own their own home.

Aspire Human Needs FundThis fund assists in the purchase of specialist equipment to enable people with spinal cord injuries to achieve their full potential and lead independent and fulfilled lives.

The main guidelines of the fund are:

For further details contact Aspire at: The ASPIRE National Training Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4AP or Tel: 0208 9545759, Fax: 0208 4206352,Textphone: 0208 4206501, Email:
(Registered Charity No: 1075317)

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.