June 22, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.21

Care News

Vetting and Recruitment Procedures Failing
A report from the Commission for Social Care Inspection reports that 47% of domiciliary care agencies and 41% of older people�s care homes are failing the standards set down for vetting and recruitment of carers. The main reasons for failure are given as:

For further details visit the CSCI web site and download the document "Safe and Sound".

Ivan Lewis, Care Services Minister has announced new rules for care homes. From this July care homes will need to provide clear information on terms and conditions, including costs before a resident moves in. Similarly, any increases in fees will need to be accompanied by the reasons why the increase is required. These rules have come about as a result of an Office for Fair Trading report which criticised the lack of transparency in the care home sector.

McCarthy & Stone build approximately 60% of Britain�s retirement homes and is currently receiving a number of takeover offers. McCarthy and Stone have in excess of 100 developments from Inverness to the South Coast.

Fry�s Caravans of Driffield have launched a new caravan, the Frystar Axcess65. The caravan has full wheelchair access into and throughout the interior, an easy access washroom/toilet/wet room with optional lifting hoist.

For further details and a brochure telephone 01377 271 383 or visit their website: http://www.frys.co.uk

In-House News

Jackie Maaz, Care Manager, is looking for an additional carer for an elderly gentleman with a spinal injury as a result of a road accident. Current salary is �538.00 per week. Tel. 01603 281912 if you are an Able Carer and would like further details.

Two new posts have started in South Wales this week:

Both the above are managed by Chris. For further details call him on 01603 281917

Client/home risk assessments were carried out in Suffolk and the West Midlands and potential clients were visited in Manchester and Kent.

Potential live-in carers who have applied to us this week have had the following qualifications: seven with NVQ2, two with NVQ3, one with SVQ3 and 2 nurses.

Interesting Statistics

Currently the maximum, weekly payment from The Independent Living Fund is �455.00 per week.

Currently the maximum weekly, payment from The Independent Living (Extension) Fund is �781.00 per week.

The ILF will allocate �283million of public funds in 2006/2007.

If you are considering taking an NHS wheelchair abroad, you have to ask permission to take it out of the country.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.