June 15, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.20

Care News

Scotland's pensioners were guaranteed free, personal care. However, the cost of providing such care had been seriously underestimated.

The result is that an increasing number of Scottish local authorities are finding that they do not have the funds to provide the free care and people are being told there is no money for the services they need, for example, at the point of discharge from a hospital stay.

Consequently, in many authority areas waiting lists for free, personal, care services are growing. Last year Scottish local authorities were given �153m to pay for free personal care for the elderly. Age Concern and The Alzheimer's Society have criticised 13 councils for their policy of charging for food preparation.

The United Kingdom Home Care Association has submitted written evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Groups for Primary Care and Public Health and Social Care on the financial implications in the domiciliary care sector of the Government's White Paper "Our health, our care, our say".

UKHCA expressed the struggle independent providers have in attracting workers in today�s labour market due to the frequent practice of purchasing care at the lowest price. Concerns were also expressed at the damage caused to local providers when tendering exercises are used to reduce the number of organisations that local authorities purchase from.

If you wish to read the full written evidence submitted by UKHCA, you can download the pdf document here:

The Arcadia Group is facing court action because it�s shop in Stafford was not accessible to disabled customers. The store offered to take items out to it�s potential customer because she was not able to get up the flight of steps to enter the shop. The customer found this unacceptable. Court action is being taken against the Arcadia Group under Part 3 of The Disability Discrimination Act.

In-House News

New Posts...

Surrey : Elderly lady with vascular dementia. �536.inc. Care Manager Sam. 01603 281913

Birmingham : Elderly lady with respiratory disease and memory problems. �536.inc. Care Manager Ruth 01603 281915

Client profile where carer is employed by Able Community Care: Lady born in 1927 suffering from dementia and depression. Care began in June 2004 with continuous cover since that date. Annual cost of care package �45,411.00 per annum ex. VAT

Potential live-in carer applications were received this week from 7 carers with NVQ 2, 1 with NVQ 3, 1 with SVQ and from 2 nurses.

Interesting Statistics

In 2007 there will be 11.6m UK pensioners. In 2007 there will be 11.4m people age 16 and under.

Ophthalmic Services : At 31st December 2005 there were nearly 9,000 practitioners in England and Wales. This is 25% more than there were in 1995. (DOH)

The Commission for Social Care Inspection advises in the annual report 2004/2005 that the total number of staff employed for the organisation is 2,548 with approx. 2,400 working in the regions to deliver and support inspections.

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