May 25, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.17

Care News

The General Social Care Council received approx. 2500 responses to its consultation on registering domiciliary and residential care workers. The results will now be analysed and the GSCC will make recommendations to The Department of Health. A summary of the outcomes for recommendation will be published in June.

Comments re. Registration from:

(Currently there are no plans to register people who make private arrangements with social care workers).

Family Carers and Pensions
Many carers work yet care for a family member more than 20 hours a week. However, due to their "caring hours" they do not work enough hours in relation to their National Insurance Contributions to qualify for a full pension.

In proposals being debated in Parliament next week, it is expected that extra pension credits will be given to those carers to top up their contributions in order that they can qualify for a full pension. The estimated number of carers who will benefit is approximately 400,000.

In-House News

Able Gazette
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New Post : Male aged 40 recovering from Encephalitis. �547. inc. holiday pay. Care Manger - Ruth on 01603 281915. Post in Derbyshire.

Enquiries for live-in care packages have come in from Derbyshire, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Pembrokeshire, Lancashire, Kent, Yorkshire and Sussex in the last week.

June 6th
Able Community Care is holding a series of short seminars on "Live-In Care" at the Jurys Hotel in Edinburgh. If you would like to attend, please call Susan Lamb on 01603 281914.

Current Client Profiles:

Interesting Statistics

Social Workers in Scotland
As a percentage of the overall social work posts in Scotland, 9.5% are vacant.

Head injury
70-80% of people sustaining a head injury are male. (Patient Plus)

Personal Expenses Allowance
�19.60 is the "pocket money" allowance for care home residents supported by local authorities.

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Able Community Care.