May 04, 2006 -- Able Newsflash No.14

Care News

Currently carers who abuse vulnerable adults are referred to the POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) list. POVA is the organisation that gives the decision as to whether any particular person can continue to work in the care industry if they have been found guilty of any form of abuse.

POVA however will be replaced when the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Bill is on the statute books. POVA along with the POCA list will be replaced by The Independent Barring Board (IBB) which will make the decisions previously made.

Consultation as to how the IBB should be constituted and run is now taking place.

Care agency fined �55,000 for facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants into the UK. A director of Pearls International Nursing Agency based in Plymouth forged the signatures of residential care home owners and recruitment managers in order that it appeared that the nurses had jobs in the UK to go to. Police identified 12 homes where illegal staff had been placed with owners and recruitment managers unaware of the real situation.

Three Co-located Conferences on the Care of Older People are taking place on Monday 3rd July in Manchester. The three topic conferences are: Long term Care of Older People, Nursing for the Care of Older People and Managing the Uncertainty for Care of Older People. Full details can be found at:

In-House News

Visits have been made to potential and existing clients this week in Yorkshire, and Hertfordshire.

Interviews are being arranged for potential Able Community Care Carers in London and Coventry.

Currently Able Community Care has 554 live-in carers on our Carers Register.

Next edition of the Able Community Care Gazette is out next week.

Interesting Statistics

One of our current working, live-in carers began her career with Able Community Care in September 1988, closely followed by another current carer who began in May 1989.

150 Councils were asked to give details of how many clients were receiving ongoing Direct Payments from their council to pay for some kind of homecare. 145 councils responded with reference to a week in September 2005. The overall number of ongoing Direct Payments received by clients during this selected week was 24,480 people.

In age ranges the receipt was as follows:

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.