December 20, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.98

Care News

First-Stop Shops are one of the initiatives that have been announced by Health Secretary Alan Johnson, as coming into place through the Social Care Reform Grant, a ring fenced grant.

The First-Stop Shops will be to give advice and advocacy about community services that are local, such as equipment providers, care providers, trips and falls advisors, transport information, etc. It is envisaged that these shops will become common throughout England.

Other elements of the announcement include that of �giving the vast majority of people who receive funded care their own personal budgets so they can choose the support services they want for themselves or a family member�.

The extra sum of �520million will be allocated to councils to �transform social care for older and disabled people.�

Just as a matter of interest the �520million would purchase approximately 13,000 live-in care schemes for approximately one year only.

Unskilled immigrant workers from non EU countries may lose their jobs under the government�s new approach of moving to a points based system for controlling the number of non EU economic migrants.

Unison advises that there are an estimated number of 10,000 care workers working in the UK who may not have their work permits renewed. (Source: Community Care 13th December 2007)

The new system will also mean that the only unskilled workers who can come over to work in the UK will be from EU countries.

Pressure is currently being put on the Government to look again at their intentions and to allow existing workers concessions to allow them to stay in the UK.

In-House News

Risk assessments and care plan reviews have taken place in Suffolk and Norfolk.

A new post has commenced in Middlesex for an elderly lady with arthritis. Care Manager Nick Turrell 01603 281915. Sal. �587.00pw inc.

Potential care staff have been interviewed in Norwich.

Interesting Information

Ben Bradshaw, Health Minister, has announced that the three way merger of the CSCI, the Healthcare Commission and the Mental Health Act Commission might cost up to �140m. This is because of IT investment for the new merger, redundancy payments and continuing costs after planned estate nationalisation. (CSCI has a large number of properties on expensive leases which they inherited from their predecessor body.)
(Source: Guide2Care)

Question from December 2004

Question: I heard recently about Leg Clubs but I have been unable to find out anything about them. Are they part of the NHS?

Answer: Leg Clubs, the first one appeared about 1995, are a joint partnership between the District Nursing Service, GP Practices and local communities. The aim is to provide a high standard of care for people suffering from a wide range of leg and mobility problems in a friendly and social setting. They are run in a club like atmosphere with a chat and a cup of tea as part of the social setting. Treatment is carried out by District Nurses, transport can be arranged and parking is available.

Problems such as leg ulcers, varicose veins, eczema and mobility difficulties can all be treated. There is no appointment system, just �drop in�

To join you have to be registered with the local GP practice and treatment is free.

The Clubs are only in their infancy with currently just over a dozen operating in England but more are expected to open in the future. To find out if there is one in your area, contact your local surgery.

Finally may I wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

The next edition of the Newsflash will be with you on Thursday January 3rd 2008.

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.