November 15, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.93

Care News

The Department of Health and Comic Relief reported last month that 342,000 older people suffered abuse last year. However, only 6% of the abuse was reported. A study carried out by the National Centre for Social Research at Kings College, London has found as a result of a survey that although older people were aware of personal abuse towards them and towards others they did not know where to go for help or to report the abuse.

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced this month that victimisation or abuse of older people due to age or perceived frailty will be considered as a hate crime along with racism and homophobia.

33% of social workers are prepared to exaggerate service users needs to obtain care for them as more councils tighten adult�s eligibility criteria. Three hundred social workers were surveyed and admitted they were prepared to bend the rules. (Source )

The Daily Mail reported on 8th November that a plan to have doctors surgeries run by supermarkets would allow non-healthcare, private sector firms to run GP services. Such a plan has been discussed by The Heart of Birmingham teaching Primary Care Trusts board. The idea, if implemented, could then run as a franchise scheme.

In-House News

Able Personal Litigation Services has received an instruction from solicitors in Liverpool.

A potential client visit has taken place in Suffolk and a further one in Devon.

Client reviews have taken place in London and Cambridgeshire.

A new post has commenced in Devon, An elderly gentleman requiring post operative care. Care Manager Sue Lamb, Salary �547.00pw inc.

Potential carer interviews have taken place in Norfolk.

Interesting Information

Last week when the threat of flooding along the coast of Norfolk was real, a local radio station announced that people could go to several centres and would be given sandbags to fill, maximum of five each. For older or disabled people who could not get to a centre, sandbags could be delivered at a cost of �2.00 each.

The elderly population is expected to rise by 400,000 within the next three years.There is no official definition of what �elderly� relates to but in 2002 Hansard recorded a national statistician as advising that it was any person who had reached retirement age, 60 years for a female and 65 years for a male.

Question from Able Community Care archives asked in 2003

Question -My Mother is an independent lady and has recently purchased a second hand, powered wheelchair in order that she can get herself down to her local shops. Even though the speed of the chair is relatively small I am concerned if she has an accident and injures someone else. Can she get accident insurance?"

Answer : Insurance is available with reference to wheelchairs and for any person using a wheelchair Public Liability Insurance is a wise insurance to take out. If another person is injured as a result of the wheelchair user causing an accident then personal injury litigation could ensue. Also you may wish to consider taking out insurance for theft or accidental damage. There are several companies in the market who cover this type of insurance so a call to any insurance broker should get a competitive quote.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.