November 08, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.92

Care News

To date, there has been a situation where most care workers suspected of misconduct and a possible referral to POVA, have been suspended whilst investigation of the complaint against them has progressed. This has meant that care workers have found themselves in the situation of being unable to work, not being paid whilst having little control over how long the investigation would take.

Last week an appeal court ruled that the POVA process violated the human rights of care workers as individual�s livelihoods and reputations were damaged before a fair hearing has taken place.

This judgement will apply to all cases except where there is a risk to vulnerable people if the care worker continues to practise.

Bed-blocking rose last year with 963,776 days lost due to delayed discharges in acute hospitals and when the number of days lost from community hospitals is taken into account the figure rises to over 1 million... In 2005/6, the number was 756,581.
(Figures from a Parliamentary question response)

As a company we are advised of individual hospitals that have bed blocking problems and as the reason is usually down to late arrangements for the provision of care after discharge, we have felt that we could help to solve some of the problems. We provide a nationwide service, long or short term, and we have written many letters to individual hospital executives and managers and to date have not had any letter acknowledged.

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Surrey, Leeds and London.

A care package review has taken place in South Wales.

Care Worker Agatha Odior has successfully completed NVQ 2

This week, Able Litigation Services has received instructions from a solicitor in Cambridge.

This week Angela Gifford, David Gifford and Judith Tye have met with CSCI in Norwich to review concerns raised in 2007 by agencies/commissioners re the live-in care sector. The understanding of the live-in care sector and the manner in which it operates is a closed book to many statutory agencies. This can at times present problems which are time consuming and not in the best interests of either clients or carers. Problems which can be prevented if greater awareness about the live-in care sector and the manner in which it operates is known.

Interesting Information

Over 120,000 people in the UK suffer with Parkinson�s disease. There are approx. 300 support groups for sufferers and their families

Question asked in the week of November 5th 2007:

Question - I am a disabled gentleman and I am having difficulties in getting an airline to fly me. I have to take a small oxygen cylinder with me when I go on holiday. There is one carrier that I can use, but others have turned me down. I understand that a European Law came in earlier this year which should help me. Can you tell me what this Law was?

Answer � I think you are referring to the following: EC Regulation 1107/2006 of 26th July this year, which states that airlines will no longer be able to refuse to fly people because of their age or disability. I would suggest that you contact the Disability Rights Commission on 08457 622633 and ask for the DTI Factsheet for Passengers relating to the regulation.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.