November 01, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.91

Care News

Prescription charges to be abolished in Scotland within four years. Patients in Scotland are currently charged �6.85 per prescription the same as in England. The prescription charge in Wales was abolished earlier in the year.

A half day conference titled �A Fair Price for Care� is being held by the Nursing and Social Care Sector group of the Recruitment and Employment Federation. It is being held at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park, London.

It will focus on key areas including the low hourly rate that some local authorities will pay to the independent sector, and whether this has an effect on the standards of care that domiciliary care companies can provide and ultimately on their survival. (It is a fact that some domiciliary care agencies rely 100% on work from local authorities and many more have only a small private base to rely on should they lose out on a tendering process).

Their will be discussion on the forthcoming GSCC�s registration of care workers and other relevant issues affecting the domiciliary care industry.

For further details ring 020 79354736 or email

Up to 50,000 assaults take place on local authority social care staff in England every year. The problem is recognised and last month the secretary of state awarded approx. �100m to NHS community nurses to provide them with personal safety alarms.
(Source: Community Care)

In-House News

A new Care Manager is joining the staff of Able Community Care today. Nick Tyrell has been involved in the care industry for many years and joins us from the local NHS Rapid Response Service.

A potential new client has been visited in Dorset.

Risk Assessments, Reviews and Moving and Handling training sessions have taken place in Lincolnshire, Berkshire and London.

A new post has commenced in Bedfordshire for an older couple, one partner having recently suffered a stroke. Salary �536.00pw inc. Care Manager Sam Clarke.

Interesting Information

Around 70,000 people in Scotland get personal care services for free.

The number of people receiving a home care service through Hammersmith and Fulham Community Services is 850 with 8250 hours. A tender is out for three providers to supply this number of hours effective from July 2008.

Question asked in July 2004

Question - My Mother will soon be celebrating being ninety years old. She has always loved band music, especially of the 1930�s and has many old 78rpm records. I have tried to find modern day recordings of some of these artists but have been unsuccessful. I would love to be able to present her with �her music� on her birthday and I write to ask if you know of any organisation that can transfer music form old recordings to CD�s?

Answer - An organisation called Precious Voices may be a company that can help you. They can transfer recordings from old records, reels or tapes on to CD�s. They are also a useful company to contact if you have any personal recordings, such as family tapes made when children were small, family party sing songs, etc. that you would like to hear again.

They can be contacted by telephone on 01526 399455 or by post at Moongate, Lowthorpe, Southrey, Lincolnshire, LN3 5TD.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.