October 25, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.90

Care News

With effect from 2012 employers will have to pay 1% of salary from the first day that a person begins work into a pension scheme for that employee. This will rise to 3% of salary by 2014.

The idea behind the legislation (The Pension Act 2007) is to enable low paid workers to have a Personal Account Pension whereas now, their employer may not have a pension scheme in place. The employee will have to contribute 4 % of their gross income, the employer 3 % and the government will contribute 1% in the form of tax relief.

This will have an effect on the cost of care for employers in the care industry to the person employing their own carer for anything from a few hours per week to full time.

Mr Johnson, the Health Secretary has ruled out adopting the policy in Scotland which allows free care for elderly people.

South Lanarkshire Council �in house� care provision is approximately �25.00 per hour. Independent providers receive approximately �10.00 plus per hour.

The Council has angered local care providers by offering tenders for providing care as a bid process in an online auction.

Bidders would not be able to see who their rivals were but would be able to see the lowest price and thereby put in or amend their own price to compete.

The Scottish Care Association finds it unbelievable that contracts should be awarded this way and warns that this could end up with price levels which may not be sustainable over a contractual period of three to four years.

South Lanarkshire Council advised that their aim was to provide the best possible home care for their clients and that the tender process had not yet concluded and that the e-tender process was on quality and not on the lowest price.
(Source: the Herald)

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Hampshire, Jersey and Bedfordshire.

Risk assessments and �in house� Moving and Handling training has taken place in homes in Lancashire. Care plans were reviewed at the same time.

Edith Stewart has successfully completed training re peg feeds.

A new post has commenced in London for an elderly gentleman who is tetraplegic. Salary is �590.00pw inc. Care Manager Sam Clarke.

A new post has commenced in Kent for an elderly gentleman suffering with Parkinson�s disease. Salary �547.00pw inc. Care Manager Sam Clarke

Able Personal Litigation Services has received instructions with reference to a care report for a person in Aberdeenshire.

Mandy Gulatar, South West Manager, met with a team from Age Concern in the Forrest of Dean.

Interesting Information

It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time.
(Source: Driving Standards Agency)

It is estimated that there are around 1,200,000 wheelchair users in this country representing approximately 2% of the population. If wheelchair users have the same social need to travel and the same ability to do so then it would be reasonable to assume that in all modes of transport wheelchairs users may represent 2% of all travellers.
(Source: Dept. of transport)

Question of the week in March 2004

Question - Do you know of an organization that arranges tours to the battlefields/graveyards of World War Two?

Answer - There may be other companies but one that I do know of is The War Research Society who offers such tours. The company is based in Birmingham and can be contacted for further details by telephoning 0121 430 5348 or you can fax them on 0121 436 7401.

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