September 20, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.85

Care News

As the number of older people continues to grow the provision of residential care operated by the NHS and local councils continues to fall. This means that to increase the number of places, specialist healthcare companies and social care landlords are stepping in to become the main providers of any new capacity.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation advises that the number of beds provided in 2004 was in the region of 450,000 but the need in 2050 it is estimated, will rise to more than 1,100,000.

An article �Nursing homes � Mini-cost model, August 2007� is a four page document giving a perception of the future to provide the capacity that will be needed.
(Source for further information: Issue 32)

This month there is speculation that eight, County Council run care homes in Nottinghamshire could be closed with up to 223 elderly residents possibly looking for a new place to live.

Since the legislation concerning age discrimination came into force in October 2006, The Times reports that over 1,000 claims over illegal age discrimination have been lodged.

Ward Housekeepers are members of a hospital ward team. Their job is to ensure that the ward is kept clean and welcoming, have a positive input into patients food by making sure the food is tasty and enjoyable and to attend to patients non-clinical needs thereby providing more time for the nursing staff to carry out their role.

Throughout the UK many hospitals have �housekeepers� employed. However, it has been announced that the team of �housekeepers� recruited to look after elderly patients at The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary is set to be axed. Their duties are to be passed on to nursing assistants.

In-House News

Able Community Care were exhibitors at the Eastern Region Care Conference 2007 held in Newmarket in Suffolk this week.

A new post has commenced for a young man with a spinal injury in Nottinghamshire. Salary �633.00pw inc. Care Manager Alan Wilson.

Another post has started for an elderly couple in Lincolnshire. The husband has dementia and the wife suffers from high blood pressure and arthritis. Salary �644 inc. Care Manager Alan Wilson.

A care review has taken place in Sutton Coldfield.

A client and care worker recently organised a fun day in Buckinghamshire to raise money for the High Wycombe and District Friendship Club. The event held on August Bank Holiday Monday raised over �700.00. The �fun day� had food, entertainment, stalls, games and the opportunity to have a ride in a narrow boat. So far this year they have raised the impressive amount of �1805.00 for the club after expenses.

Potential client visits have taken place in Berkshire and Surrey.

Potential care workers have been interviewed in South Wales and Norwich.

Interesting Information

In a typical district of 250,000 people there will be approx. 45,000 who are 65 or over.

Of these 4,500 to 6,750 will have depression.

6000 will have anxiety related disorders

900 will have psychosis related disorders

2,250 will have dementia

2,000 will be living with the consequences of a stroke.
(Source: Norfolk NHS PCT)

The question this week was asked in March 2006

Question : How can I find out about how care homes operate in my area? Is there a central register that will give me information about each home or do I have to rely on their brochures?

Answer : The care home sector is regulated by The Commission for Social Care Inspection and all care homes have to achieve the 38 Standards that have been laid down by the Commission. Every care home is required to register and by going to the Commission for Social Care Inspection website you can look at any care home inspection report in England.

The report will cover such things as what the service does well and what has improved since the last inspection visit. For all of the 38 Standards there is feedback e.g. have they reached the required level of service as laid down by the Commission?Scores are given for compliance for each of the Standards. Any statutory requirements that have to be met are listed.

It is possible to download the report information or you can order a paper copy to be sent to you.

With this information on varying homes you can get a clear picture of each care home enabling you to compare and choose according to your requirements.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.