August 30, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.82

Care News

Scotland - prescription charges for people who suffer from chronic illnesses such as cancer and asthma will be scrapped from April 2008.

Claimar Care have has acquired Lynks Care Ltd, which is a domiciliary care company based in Bedfordshire. The company has 32 care workers and delivers around 730 hours of care per week.

The increasing holiday entitlement for workers will have a financial affect on the care industry. From October 1st this year, the minimum holiday entitlement will rise from 4 weeks to 4.8 weeks and then from April 2009, a second increase will mean an entitlement of 5.6 weeks per worker.

However many domiciliary care providers have signed contracts with local authorities prior to the announcement of the additional holiday entitlement. Mike Padgham of UKHCA has said that this legislation will add a further 2% to the care providers wage bill and he is urging Councils to look into the situation and consider providing additional finance to help in covering the care sector�s costs.

From July 2002 it has been possible to obtain a fast track POCA check, prior to receiving the individual full Disclosure. This has been particularly helpful when the full Disclosure has been taking several weeks to come through. However, the efficiency of the CRB system has improved and this service will discontinue from 1st October 2007.

In-House News

New posts have been visited in Middlesex, Essex and Somerset.

Reviews and monitoring visits have been carried out in Norfolk, Suffolk and Somerset.

Meetings have been held with a District Nursing Team in the South West with reference to the cost of several �pop ins� a day versus the cost of live-in care packages and the increased cover that is available for an individual.

Interesting Information

Sept 2006 - Staff in social services departments in England stood at 213,300. Half of the staff were part-time.

October 2006 - In Scotland the figure was 41,343 social work services staff employed by Scottish councils. Four out of five staff were female.

March 2006 - In Wales there were 19,936 staff employed by social services departments.
(Source: Community Care)

In the UK there are over 70,000 children in public care and a shortage of more than 10,000 foster carers.
(Source: BBC News)

This week's question has been answered this month.

Question � What is Telecare?

Answer � Telecare is a Department of Health project that can help elderly and disabled people live independently in their own homes by using a range of differing technologies. Technologies such as placing sensors around the home to detect movement, to those that monitor vital signs such as blood pressure.

The link up is to a monitoring centre that literally does that, monitor, and acts on any changes/symptons/factors of concern.

Anyone who meets the community care criteria can request to be considered for Telecare. You can make a request for a referral for Telecare to a care manager, an occupational therapist, your GP and to other professionals from the care field, e.g. nurses.

If you are assessed as eligible for Telecare then the appropriate technology system to help you is installed.

It is expected that some monitoring centres will accept private paying clients.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.