August 02, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.78

Care News

To date The General Social Care Council have admonished 12 social workers, suspended one and struck off a further four. The latest person to be admonished was a social worker from Somerset who admitted that he had used his computer at work to access a number of pornographic images. The Committee took into account that there was no evidence of harm to service users. The admonishment is to stay on the register for a maximum of five years.

Lyndhurst Home Care which operated in Liverpool has shut down. They had in excess of 500 service users and 200 carers. The company blame controversial changes in Liverpool City Council contracts.

The service users and carers have, where possible, been allocated to other agencies to try and ensure continuity of service and work for both parties.

The number of registered care homes is Yorkshire has fallen by 143 in four years. Currently the rate of nursing and residential home closures is one every ten days.

The number of domiciliary care agencies in the region has risen by 13.5%.
(Source: Yorkshire Post, 30th July 2007)

In-House News

The recent flooding has provided some problems for our carers and clients. However, continuity of care has been provided to all our clients and we would like to thank all carers who found themselves in very unusual circumstances and coped exceedingly competently and with care.

Potential new clients have been visited in Bedfordshire, Nottingham and Lancashire.

Client reviews have taken place in York, Cheltenham and Surrey. A risk assessment has been carried out in Hertfordshire.

A new post has commenced in London for an elderly lady suffering from dementia. Sal. �614.00pw inc. Care Manager Sue Lamb.

Throughout the year many people visit our offices here in Norwich to find out a bit more about the service that Able Community Care offers. Apart from CSCI inspectors and other inspectors from varying county councils, we have visits from other professions such as financial advisors, expert witnesses, solicitors, sons and daughters of older people looking to the future and other caring professionals.

We are always happy to give our time to such visitors so if any readers are passing by, please arrange to call and see us if you think it would be of benefit to you.

Interesting Information

In 2008 the General Social Care Council is to register domiciliary care managers and workers. The managers of a care agency / residential home / other care establishments will be responsible for providing GSCC with details of their workers. For managers of care agencies, such as Able Community Care, the endorsement that a care worker is fit to be on the register would centre around their good character and competence. The competence level will be related to the level of induction training with reference to the standard expected in the National Minimum Standards.

For existing carers, for example workers who have been in the care industry for many years, it may be that their manager is satisfied that the worker has reached the required level and guidance will be produced by the General Social Care Council to help managers make their judgements.

Further details will be published in due course.

Currently, care workers who work privately for individuals will be outside the scope of the registration and there will undoubtedly be a cost implication for all care businesses involved which is likely to be passed on via increased fees.

This week's question was posed in April this year:

Question � I have no relatives and when I die I would like to leave my body to medical science. Can you still do this and if you can, how do I go about making arrangements?

Answer � The number of people donating their whole bodies to medical science over the last five years has decreased. Five years ago it was 670 people, in 2006 it had fallen to 600 persons who had made such an arrangement. However, the number of medical schools has increased so there is an increasing need for body donations.

If you wish to be a potential donor you can write to:

Human Tissue Authority,
Finlaison House,
15-17 Furnival St,

At the above Authority, information and guidance will be given to help you through with the process and, should you change your mind, there is provision for you to withdraw your consent at any time.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.