July 26, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.77

Care News

Live-in care provision is different to any other type of care in that it is not task orientated throughout a 24 hour period. Hourly carers may come in for an hour and during that time, they have set tasks to do e.g. change bed, help a person with personal hygiene, help to dress and toilet, etc.

The care that is given in a live-in situation, although a combination of personal, domestic and social care, is not set, for the main, into rigid task periods. Therefore, the work that a live-in carer provides is divided into "measured" and "unmeasured" work.

Currently, some personal injury solicitors are advocating that the time spent by a live-in carer in a person�s home should be treated the same as shift work in residential settings.

The way in which agencies, such as Able Community Care, provide live-in care in its present format allows for increased independence, flexibility and control to be in the hand of the person being cared for and not "run" by the clock and by the manner, in which it is provided, is an affordable option.

The United Kingdom Home Care Association have issues a four page position statement titled "Managing working time in live-in care" and they are calling on the Government for clarification.

It is, in my opinion, an excellent document and if any reader would like a copy, please give me a call and I will be happy to forward a copy to you.

CRB Checks
The Criminal Records Bureau has produced an online video to explain the process of obtaining a CRB Disclosure. Clear details are given about how to apply for one and why you may need one. For further details go to:

In-House News

We were presented this week with an NVQ 2 Certificate from a carer who wished to work through Able Community Care. The certificate had five spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors. In the office we are regularly presented with forged certificates and documents but this one proved to be slightly different in that the carer had paid her own money, had attended the training centre (we verified its existence) and had been given the certificate upon completion of the course she had paid for. The training company advised that they were affiliated to City and Guilds. Upon checking with City and Guilds, they confirmed that the training company in question was not known to them.

The situation appears to be that the carer concerned took six months to obtain a training certificate which is, in effect, of little value to her as it stands.

A new post has been started in Norfolk for an elderly couple, where one partner has dementia. The post, which was in crisis, was visited and assessed on Monday and the service began on Tuesday. Salary �558.00pw inc. Care Manager Jackie Maasz.

Potential clients have been visited in Bedfordshire, Yorkshire and Cornwall.

Interesting Information

Estimated 60% of homecare providers rely on local authorities for more than 75% of their business. Latest evidence suggests that average price paid to independent providers is �10.50 per hour, whilst similar services where provided by the county councils costs around �20.90 per hour.
(Source: NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre)

A taxi driver has been found guilty of a criminal offence under The Disability Discrimination Act for failing to allow a blind woman to take her guide dog into his cab.
(Source: DNdisability now)

Each Week we give the answer to a question that we have been asked, not necessarily in the line of our work, but because we are contactable. This is a question that we have been asked several times lately, following our purchase of some mailing labels!

Question - I am fed up with junk mail. Do you have any contacts details of how I can stop receiving this post?

Answer - The Mailing Preference Service, DMA House, Margaret St, London. W1W 8SS are the people to contact. They will allow you to filter out mail shots which are of no interest to you. There is a similar service to stop unwanted phone calls selling double glazing, kitchens, etc. This is the Telephone Preference Service. Call 0845 070 0707 for details.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.