July 19, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.76

Care News

The Scottish Executive has reviewed the policy of free personal care for older people in Scotland. Points of interest include:

There has been a Scotland�wide increase in the demand for care at home.

There is a marked variation between local authorities in both practice and cost. The highest spending authorities spend �8,000 per year per client whilst the lowest spending authorities are spending approximately �1,500 per client per year.Some authorities have remained in budget others have overspent and cite free personal care as being a significant factor.

For details of the seven page document visit:

Age Concern have revealed in a new survey, using figures from the Dept. of Health, that people in some areas are 160 more likely to get continuing NHS health care than others.

Figures as of March 2007 show that Derby PCT was giving just seven people continuing care, which represents 0.26 people per 10,000. Harrow PCT was giving 826 people continuing care, a rate of 41.75 per 10,000 people, 160 times higher than Derby. For more information visit:

The idea of Direct Payments to purchase care was to give individuals the control over the care they purchased. Last year in England and Wales there was an attempt to introduce legislation to ensure that people who purchased care in this manner put their carers through the Enhanced Disclosure CRB check. (All care agencies are required to by law). The attempt did not progress.

Now however, Scottish law, which came into force in early July will enforce this on people in Scotland who receive direct payments to pay for care other than any care they may purchase from a regulated agency, where the checks have already been carried out.

In-House News

Jackie Maasz, Care Manager, has attended the one day course "Creativity and Reminiscence". The course is designed for care professionals who work with people suffering from all forms of dementia.

Judith Tye attended a POVA training day in London.

A new post has commenced in Nottinghamshire. A frail elderly lady whose salary is �568.00pw inc. Care Manager Jackie Maasz.

As a result of our visit from the Home Office Immigration Dept. we have been offered and accepted, the opportunity to forward to them for appraisal, all, potential, carer application forms and enclosed documents. The reason is that the standards of forgery are so high, and despite checks directly with The Home Office Guidance Book and direct telephone calls to the Home Office Help Line, it is still possible to unknowingly pass a forged document.

Potential clients have been visited in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Client care reviews have taken place in Lincolnshire and London.

Client risk assessment has taken place in Suffolk.

Mandy Gulatar, our Manager for the South West is visiting the office for two days this week. Mandy is based in Cornwall.

Interesting Information

There are approximately one million people in the UK who are eligible for Direct Payments to help them purchase care. In 2006 the number actually receiving Direct Payments was approximately 42,000.
(Source: Community Care)

In 2006, 31 million prescriptions were written for antidepressants.
(source: Mind)

From a Questions and Answers Column written by ACC in September 2006:

Question : In a conversation with my stepfather he mentioned for the first time that he used to work for the NHS for a few years as a porter. He thought he might have had a pension, but he could not remember too much about it. On questioning him further it seems that since he left the NHS he has moved several times and never advised them. Is there any way I could check on his behalf if he has an entitlement to a pension?

Answer : If you contact NHS Pensions by telephoning 01253 774774 the switchboard will put you through to the appropriate department. You will need his National Insurance Number. They will then send a form to be completed after which he will be advised of any pension entitlement he may have.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.