July 12, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.75

Care News

The result of Counsel and Care�s National Survey of Local Authority Care Charging and Eligibility Criteria 2007 makes worrying reading.

The key findings are:

The "care gap" is widening and low level services are being squeezed out in favour of critical and substantial care services.

The trend is to provide an increased amount of intensive services for a smaller group of older people but little or no support for those with low level needs.

Low level needs require preventative services to try to ensure that their needs do not become critical or substantial but the organisations providing this low level care are now in the main either the overstretched voluntary sector or people are left to buy their care in privately.

In some areas older people have to pay up to �326.00 per week towards their domiciliary care costs.

The full survey results can be downloaded from:

Holiday entitlement is increasing this year in October from 20 to 24 days, however, the increase to 28 days which was supposed to have taken place from October 2008 has now been delayed until 1st April 2009. For further details go to:

Mobility scooters used by disabled people may cost more if the government does not fight the move by the EU to classify such scooters as leisure vehicles. The new designation of such scooters will place them in the same category as golf buggies and will mean extra import duty for any scooters made outside the EU. On a �2500 scooter the extra import tax will be approximately �200. It could also mean the removal for the zero rating for vat purposes.

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Nottinghamshire and Cornwall.

Team meeting has been held in Berkshire and a client review in London.

Risk Assessment has been carried out in Cambridgeshire.

Mandy Gulatar, South West Manager, completed a refresher health and Safety Training Course.

A new post has commenced in Norfolk. Elderly lady requiring terminal illness care. Salary �536.00pw inc.

Care Manager Ruth Divey has left and her role has temporarily been taken by Norma Elliott, who has returned from retirement to work with us again for a few weeks.

Interesting Information

During the year 2005/6 there were 89,977 varicose vein operations carried out. In 2004/5 there were 94,022.

During the course of a week we may receive a telephone call or an email from someone who has seen our website or has been told about us, and they have a question they think we might be able to help with. Such questions are usually nothing to do with our service provision but are just a general care question that the person has not been able to find the answer to else where. On a similar vein we write a "Questions and Answers" column for a monthly publication in the South West of England and also we provide care information for many parish magazines in the UK.

From this week's edition of the Newsflash we will print a "question of the week" to pass on the information that you to may find of interest.

Question - A disabled friend and I would like to go on holiday and a caravan holiday appeals to us both. We would like to spend a week inland and then move on to a coastal site. Is there an easy way to find out which caravan sites have disabled facilities?

Answer - It is very easy to locate caravan sites throughout the UK that have disabled facilities. http://www.caravanable.co.uk is a site which lists county by county, caravan sites which have the minimum requirements for a disabled person of a shower, basin and toilet with ramped access. The website is run by a family which has first hand experience of some of the sites and sites which they have not seen, have been recommended by other disabled people.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.