June 28, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.73

Care News

The Law Lords ruled last week against extending the 1998 Human Rights Actfor elderly and vulnerable people who live in private care homes. The Act does apply to residents of state run homes. This means that an elderly person living in a private residential care home, even if funded by the state, can be evicted whilst a resident in a state run home cannot.

There are approx. 300,000 residents in private care homes who are funded by the state.

Southern Cross Healthcare provides approx. 29,000 care home beds of which 80% are paid for by local authorities. (Source Guardian Unlimited)

Eurocarers was launched on 12th June and is a platform for Carers across Europe. It is a new European movement which plans to put pressure on governments to improve the situation of carers.

In the media again this week charities such as Age Concern are advising of the fact that an estimated �740m goes unclaimed in benefits for carers. The main group of carers who are missing out in benefits are those carers who are aged over 50 years.

Charities are urging anyone who knows a person who is a carer to check if they are claiming everything they are entitled to. Charities such as Age Concern and Carers UK can be found in all telephone directories and will be able to advise and help.

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in East Sussex, Somerset, Nottinghamshire and Dorset.

Monitoring visits has been carried out in Berkshire, Hertfordshire and a review meeting in Cambridgeshire.

Chris Cook, Manager for the South of England attended a Direct Payments Conference in Dorset.

A new post has commenced in Norfolk for an elderly lady. Salary �547.00 inc. Care Manager Sam Clarke

Visits have been made to this office from:

1) The Immigration Office

2) Coventry Social Services

Interesting Information

One in four people between the ages of 45 and 55 years are combining paid work with caring duties.Bed blocking has been mentioned in the media recently and the cost last year of approximately one million lost bed days cost the NHS �200m. The daily cost of care in a general hospital bed is about �300 per day.

Domiciliary care agency for sale in the Midlands. Price �250K for further details go to: http://www.business-sale.com/nmedical.html

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.