June 21, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.72

Care News

It is reported that The Welsh Assembly wishes to introduce a unified system of charges for domiciliary care across the country.
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Example of abuse of the elderly as mentioned in the national press last week. A Suffolk Social Services report has said that in the year 2006/7 1,153 cases of abuse were reported to the police or social services. 816 of these abuse incidents were carried out by a family member. Abuse included taking money, physical and sexual abuse.

Five years ago only 8 cases were reported.

The Department of Health's Care Services Efficiency Delivery (CSED) team has said that the model whereby service users would be given prescriptions to exchange for equipment, that they could then purchase from aids and disability equipment companies or from charities, is a possible way to deliver efficiencies for councils and to provide an improved service for service users.

There is concern however, that in some cases the funding would buy only the very basic equipment and people may then have to pay the extra to get a more appropriate model of equipment as they perceive it.

It could lead to people buying equipment without appropriate professional input such as from occupational therapists. However, part of the plus of the service suggested is that by removing councils from the provider role, it would free up more funding that could be invested in an improved therapy service.

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In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Norfolk, East Sussex, Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire (2).

Manual Handling training and a risk assessment has been carried out in Huntingdonshire.

Carer Lesley Mayhew has successfully completed her NVQ 2

A new post has commenced, a lady in middle age with short term memory loss. Salary �590.pw inc. Care Manager Ruth Divey.

Norfolk County Council have carried out an inspection day at this office.

Our website has been updated with the latest edition of The Gazette and recent questions we have been asked about varying issues with reference to care. Have a read with a cup of coffee at:
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Interesting Information

Between 30 and 50% of people over the age of 65 years fall each year.

In 1851 the life expectancy of a man in England and Wales was 40 years and 44 years for a female.

In 1952 the Queen sent out 255 telegrams to people who had reached their 100th birthday. In 2005 she sent 4623.

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