June 07, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.70

Care News

A report in Guardian Unlimted, dated 3rd June, advised that the UK secured the right to retain the opt-out from EU laws imposing a maximum 48 hour working week. The tide of opinion in Europe is running in favour of flexible labour markets and freedom of choice. In the past few months Italy, Germany and several new member states have backed the UK stance. Reference for further reading:

A social worker from Lincolnshire who was alleged to have breached the Code of Practice for social care workers by maintaining a grossly offensive website and for having indecent photographs of children has been removed from the Social Care Register. There are approx. 90,000 social workers on the Social Care Register and further details on the above can be obtained by visiting website:

On June 15th a private members bill is due for its second reading. The bill aims to ensure that vulnerable people in private sector care would be protected under The Human Rights Act. The Human Rights Act 1998 (Meaning of Public Authority) does not extend to independent social care providers.

An example of where the new legislation may be required is for a situation when an older person is threatened with eviction from a private care home. The current law does not give adequate support for such a situation.

In-House News

Care Manager Susan Lamb has successfully completed Child Protection Advanced Course (Level 2).

Reviews have been held in Somerset and in Wales. Reviews and Manual Handling training has taken place in Norfolk.

Manager for the South West region, Mandy Gulatar has attended a two day conference/seminar, "What Disability" in Exeter.

New posts have started in;

Angela Gifford and Jillian Royal attended the opening of the Rehability centre which specialises in rehabilitation and independent living services. The new venue has opened in Suffolk and the website is: http://www.rehability.co.uk

Interesting Information

The number of prescriptions dispensed to elderly people in 2005 was 38.4 items per person. In 1995 the number was 21.8.

Staff with depression were said to take an average 30 days off annually and staff with stress were reported to be away for 21 days.
(Source The Information Centre)

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