May 10, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.66

Care News

In March 2007 UKHCA (The United Kingdom Home Care Association) published a Summary Paper: "An overview of the UK domiciliary care sector."

The sixteen page summary is a useful read giving such information as;

Gross public expenditure on adult homecare in 2005/6 was an estimated 2.486 billion pounds and that local authourities recoup around 11% of their expenditure on homecare through fees.

An estimate of privately purchased homecare is about 1.3 million hours per week.

The average price for a weekday, daytime hour of care privately purchased from the independent sector in 2006 was estimated as �11.35 in a market survey from Laing and Buisson.

60% of independent providers are thought to rely on local authority purchase for more than three quarters of their business.

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Second Hand Store
Able Community Care is offering a new service to people who have disability items they wish to get rid of and for people who would like to buy such items second hand.

The Second Hand Store is opening on our website in the next few weeks. For further details visit this page:

In-House News

We are now seeking Live-in Support Workers with Child Protection Training and a clean driving licence. Salary � inc.+ travel. Call Sue Lamb on 01603 281914 or email Sue at

Potential clients have been visited this week in South Wales, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Client reviews have taken place in Norfolk and South Wales.

Two new clients have had care packages started;

Meetings are taking place with Financial Advisors in connection with care planning fees. One meeting has taken place this week in Wiltshire.

If you would like an information pack on the live-in carer service we provide, please email us at

Interesting Information

In Camden the Council pays �590.00 per week for a private care place whilst those provided by the council cost �866.00 per week.
(Source: Camden Journal)

Across the UK at least 12,700 individuals from the new member states of the EU have taken jobs in social care.
(Source: Care and Health)

13% of British workers exceed the maximum 48 hour working week.

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