April 26, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.64

Care News

A Government Report published this month outlines how the future workforce of local government is likely to reduce across a wide range of services e.g. HR, Training, Administration as these are outsourced.

Authorities will also rethink the way in which adult services are to be provided as the number of older people continues to increase. Local authorities under financial pressure, will reduce their own directly employed workforce. In the future new forms of care services will be delivered and the growth in new forms of care provision is likely to come from voluntary organizations and volunteers.

To read the 12 page report go to:

Edinburgh has approximately 38,000 people being cared for in nursing homes. 55% of the homes are privately owned. A care crisis is looming because home owners are claiming that the fixed amount of �471.00pw that they are paid by local councils to look after an elderly person is not enough. From this month the figure rises to �501.00 pw but care home owners say that this increase will be taken up by the extra demands in the new contracts e.g. more staff training, increasing sizes of rooms.

Some homes could close and this could lead to increasing bed blocking in the local hospitals. It could also mean elderly people being cared for in other homes some distance from family and friends.

The General Social Care Council has decided the case of a social worker who was alleged to have breached the code of practice for social care workers. It was found that the social worker had engaged in appropriate touching and physical contact (albeit of a non sexual nature!) in relation to service users.

Misconduct was found against the social worker and he was admonished, with a record of the admonishment placed on his entry of the Social Care Register for five years.

For further details visit GSCC Media Releases:

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Norfolk, Cambridge, Somerset and Scotland.Reviews and risk assessments have taken place in Suffolk, West Midlands and Lincolnshire

Interviews have taken place in Edinburgh and Harrogate.

The following two new posts are managed by Care Manager Ruth Divey:

Respite Care posts of between one and four weeks have been provided throughout mainland UK.

Interesting Information

Some elderly and disabled people recruit their own live-in carers. Currently in the private market place the following jobs are advertised at the following wage levels:Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD)is the name given to a group of neck pain syndromes most commonly resulting from injuries. Road accident statistics from insurance companies indicate that there is possibly 300,000 new cases of WAD annually.
(Source; The Physiotherapy Site)

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