April 12, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.62

Care News

People over the age of 80 needing care and living in the Isle of Wight are to receive six weeks home care services free from this April. The initiative is aimed at people who are asset rich but cash poor. After this initial period the council will assess their care needs and give financial advice as to how they might pay for their care. Those who then find it impossible to pay will then receive their home care free.

In the beginning this will help approximately 700 people age 80 plus but the Council expect the scheme to help many thousands of people in the future. This is the first scheme of its kind in England.

Over 80% of people own their own homes on the Isle of Wight.

The Royal Mail Group has raised in excess of �1m in the last two years as part of its three year plan to Help the Hospices.

This money has been raised by staff fundraising activities, payroll giving donations, prize draws and match- funding payments made by the company when employee�s activities have surpassed their fundraising amount.

It was also announced on 9th April by the Dept. of Health, that the amount of �40m has been given to 146 local hospices who between them have 191 projects they wish to complete. Such projects include:

In-House News

Review meetings and a new client assessment have taken place in Kent and Leicestershire.

Meetings have also been held in the South West with other care agencies.

Large amounts of documents and even larger amounts of questionnaires to be completed, have been arriving in the office in order that we can apply for Approved Provider status with as many Councils as possible. This was a process that we understood was going to be unnecessary when CSCI inspections and regulatory controls came into being. This is obviously not the case. The question subjects within each individual council documents range from the practical aspects of providing care to ways in which our carers can operate to ensure as environmentally friendly a service as possible.

It is obvious from looking at the forms, that the remit of CSCI and the implications of its existence, do not form a substantial part of whether a care company is allowed to become an Approved Provider for a Council.

Interesting Information

Over 400 products are now available from the Red Cross online. Items include rise and recline chairs, scooters, chair raisers, sticks, bathroom and bedroom products, etc. To visit their site go to www.redcross.org.uk/shop

If you are disabled and wish to travel by Virgin trains, ring their Care Reservation Service on 08457 443366. This number will give you rail information, allow you to reserve seats and wheelchair spaces and enable you to arrange assistance when getting on or off the train. There is also a facility to borrow mobility equipment. Virgin trains have wider doorways, wheelchair spaces in both first and standard class and all staff are given disability awareness training. By calling the above number you can get a printed version of their Disabled Peoples Protection Policy or you can download it from www.virgintrains.com

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.